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Christine Lozinski - Tulsa, OK

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Christy is the Music Director at Rhema Bible Church in Tulsa OK. She also teaches in the School of Worship at Rhema Bible Training College.


If she was in a setting where she was MD'ing for a band for a conference, she'd do research on the players in the team. But she'd also pick the leader's brain on the song selection. Where do they see this going? At least get a draft together. Knowing what the Worship Leader/Pastor's vision is imperative for the overall service flow.

Christy doesn't play with tracks as much these days, especially since Dan Taylor stepped into the Worship Leader role at Rhema Bible Church. To achieve a nice balance between playing with tracks and following the Holy Spirit Christy recommends playing with the tracks and the circling back to a section of the song where the congregation connected with.

Communication Style

She just uses a talkback microphone. The tracks and click are played from the sound booth, which is an interesting setup. I've seen Russel Dunlap, from Lakewood Church, run playback from the booth - and it's phenomenal. But, he operates it like an instrumentalist.

Number System

10 months out of the year Christy utilizes the numbers system. Since Rhema Bible Training College is connected to the church they have to go off of the school year. Musicians that have volunteered at the church for the two years at college need to be replaced with incoing students that may not have an understanding of the numbers system. Christy purchased a few copies of Jeffrey Kunde's book to help teach the incoing students how to utilze the basics of the numbers system.

Music Theory for the Music Industry by Jeffrey Kunde -


Jamie Cullum: @jamiecullum

John Mayer

Worship Fail

If you haven't followed Worship Fails on instagram (@worshipfails), you need to follow them immediately. You will absolutely cringe. If a Music Director has been around for a minute, they've had moments that could earn them a spot on Worship Fails. Christy's big fail was when she had to play the song "There's Just Something About That Name" as a young player. If anyone has heard that song, you'd know that it's got some strange chords in it. I think a major 6, to be honest... but don't hold me to that. I guess the best way to learn is by making mistakes, and well, that one still holds a special spot for her.

Tips & Tricks

  • Turn your own talkback mic down in your mix so that you speak loudly into the microphone.

  • Use common language and common ways to count in. Most of the time songs are simple to count in, but in a song like Hillsong - I Will Exalt she utilizes different patterns and voice inflections to help the team come in together.

  • Improve your ear. The more that you can listen to the people around, guide them and correct them, the better. Often times the Worship Leader may turn around and say "what's missing?" and that will fall on you to find out how to fix and correct things. If you've listened to the individual parts on Worship Online, then it will give you the ability to help other players when you notice they're not pulling their weight.

How do you develop your ear? has Musition6 and Auralia6, which help you with music theory and ear training. They actually sells apps as well. Christy recommends the apps for $1.99 or $2.99 and push yourself with intervals and chords - but rhythm as well. We can all benefit from growing in these areas. Active listening to the chord changes on the radio is a great way to stretch your ears as well.

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