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Technology should enhance your goal of having a spirit-led worship service. We have the expertise to show you how to get the most out of the system that you use.

Tracks . Stem Integration . Ableton Live . Multitracks Playback

Loop Community Prime . ProPresenter . Live Streaming

Front of House Mixing . Lighting . Stage Design



Having a skilled and confident team is foundational to a healthy church.  Whether its one-on-one coaching or team workshops, we empower teams to achieve both spiritual and natural excellence, reaching new levels.  

The Heart Behind Music . Music Direction . Ableton Live

Team Management, Communication, Vision, Values

Recruiting and Training Systems

How To Have Better Rehearsals



The church isn't just bricks and mortar.  We are the church. 

And the church is held together by strong relationships. 

Our continued partnership helps strengthen the Body of Christ.

Long-Term Partnerships

Coaching Calls

Scheduled Visits

Follow-Up Sessions

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